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Poker Strategies

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Poker strategies

Fascinated by the mysterious world of poker?

… Looking for fast money? Or do you just want to take off your friends at the cozy poker evening? Poker like the pros – poker strategies in ten steps of casino experience

Poker strategies

  • Patience is the strongest weapon: No joke – the slowest way in the game at first glance is usually the fastest way to success. Do not play any hand. Instead, wait until you have a strong hand on the hand and at best only picture cards. As a result, their profit chances are automatically increased by a multiple.
  • Use the time: playing with good cards means that you often fold. Many players also play a weak hand to avoid being bored and bored. But just because you are not actively playing, the time is not a waste: study your opponents at the table. Who bluffs? Who is betraying what sign? You can not devote so much time and attention to the competition. Already in the next game their observations will give the rash in their favor.
  • Trust in your own strength: Do you have good cards in your hand? Then equal a first raise before the flop! Not waiting for them, quite the opposite: the first opponents are disappointed after their flop from their cards and you deserve nothing. At the early raise, on the other hand, everyone still believes in their chances – statistically you are already in the advantage with their good hand. And if you scare all enemies? This also does not matter, because then at least you collect the blinds.
    Consistent game: you have good cards in hand – then they play aggressively. Both after flop and turn you bet more than your opponents. This demonstrates their strength. After the river, increase again. This also applies if you have not done anything. Because of its consistency, the bluff acts strongly and can save you therefore. What is important here is not to hesitate long, but to radiate the self-image of a strong hand. If you are confident, you will try to get as much profit as possible.
  • Do not stick to her chair: It does not work well? Do not wait until the end, before the blinds devour you, with an all-in. Even in the case of winning, the amount of money you earn is so low that you can still get it in one of the next rounds. Remember, you can maximize your stake. Go all-in on time, so you can return to a reasonable amount of chips when you are successful.
  • Lose with the intention: early in the game, you should play real crap and run with bad cards deliberately into the open knife or even a bad bluff burst. Important here: Of course only with a small employment! Afterwards, their game is difficult to figure out, possibly holding you for a beginner or thinking you are playing headless. Understanding is the biggest asset in poker. Fortan, you are no longer able to judge or enter into a pattern and can surprise their opponents (does not apply to online games).
  • Schlossallee instead of Badstraße: street in sight? Then the motto is: Aim high. Diving already on the flop three consecutive cards on the highest road hazard. However, always go to the top with your game. Example: 5, 6, 7 are the flop – you play with 7, 8 and not with 2, 3. A road almost always has two open ends. Even if they flop the street, you run the risk of the turn on the turn and the river heading for the higher end and their disadvantage.
  • Enjoy colors with caution: Play Suited Flops for a flush with high card only. If the flush hazard is almost on the hand and three cards of the same color are on the flop, their flush is possibly weaker than it looks. Go here only on the whole, if you are sure to have the highest card of the color in your hand, In order to avoid a nasty surprise by a competitor.
  • Tight-Aggressive after the flop: Prospective flop with many opportunities for their hand? Do you have the prospect of a road, a flush, a triple, etc.? Then raise the stakes at an early stage and raise you immediately! That could be their game, so the pot must be high! If you do not meet after all, get off as quickly. The experience shows, however, that the money invested in an aggressive game is usually worth it!
  • Know when to end: Play tactically wisely, but always with looseness. Taking hold of good cards does nothing. Even with a bad flop, asse bring them nothing. Instead of trying to get into temptation or investing too much money in a dead end, In the next round you are more lucky !



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